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17 February 2023

How to Clean and Maintain your Calico Drawstring Bags

How to Clean and Maintain your Calico Drawstring Bags?

To get your money's worth out of custom calico drawstring bags that can be used more than once, you need to know how to just keep them clean and in good shape between uses. A bag doesn't need much care, but if you use it as a fashion accessory, it's imperative to keep it clean and to smell good.

Today's calico totes are made of a lot of different things, like a rigid cardboard base, a vinyl exterior, and various pieces of decoration. It's also a good idea to take them off before doing housework. Each one needs to be dusted or wiped carefully as a separate step. You can put them back on after washing the bag.

  1. Get a bowl and put water in it

Put a piece of your Calico drawstring bags inside to see if the colour will stay true. Let the wet side of the bag sit for 10 minutes. Use a dry paper towel to rub the damp area.

If the colours in your bag don't run, you can clean them separately. It ensures that the bag's colour won't change even if other parts get wet. But you can skip this step if the bags are white and haven't been breached.

  1. Using laundry stain removers to treat the stains

In the next step, use your laundry stain removers to treat the stains on the calico bag. Even though calico is a natural fabric, you can safely use laundry bar detergent to remove the stain.

To remove the stain from your bag, soak a piece of the laundry bar in water and rub it on the spot. Before putting the stain remover on the fabric, you should read the label. You can keep your bag from getting hurt and get the best result.

  1. The following step is to clean the calico bags

When you tumble Calico drawstring bags, try to dry it in the shade as much as possible. Unadorned totes can be washed in a machine. If you wash bags in a machine, they might lose their decorations.

Calico bags are easy to make, cheap, and can be washed like other bags. Don't dry them in direct sunlight because the color will fade.

Lastly, you can hand wash any cloth bag. Try cleaning with a soft scrub brush if you want better results. Mix some mild laundry detergent with warm water and use that to brush.

Your delicate clothes will be safe in the hands of this detergent. To get rid of any moisture, shake the bag well. The fabrics on the bag are easy to clean. Never use a bristle brush on a piece of cloth because it will weaken the fabric and remove the color.

  1. The last step was cleaning, is now done

Please make sure the bags are dehydrated so you can use them again. Put the bags somewhere where they can dry themselves.

The fabric might shrink if you dry your bag in the washing machine. Instead, hang it up to dry. If you leave the bag in the sun for a long time, you could hurt it.


Follow these rules to keep the quality of your Calico drawstring bags. But if you decide to buy some, make sure they are made of suitable materials. Get a lot of calico bags made to your specifications and delivered right to your door at wholesale prices.

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