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Candle Boxes - Candle Boxes Wholesale Australia

Find the perfect candle boxes for your candles! Our candle boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your candle packaging needs. Visit us to buy now!


    Pack your Candles in Colorful Candle Boxes Gift Boxes Packaging

    Gift Boxes for candles represent light and make our lives brighter. People use them for birthdays, weddings, parties, and other events. Also, they are in style, but we need good packaging to keep them in good shape. Candle gift boxes wholesale Australia has become very popular with all of our customers. They are the most essential parts of life because they make your home look better.


    Karle Packaging sells candle boxes online. These boxes are custom made for candles and suitable for other trinkets, small cups, jam bottles, etc.

    Made from recyclable corrugated cardboard, our candle boxes come in a variety of sizes, are very sturdy, and come with a string on the lid for mailing. The boxes are supplied in flat form for easy transport and storage and are easy and quick to assemble.

    Due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce, candles are still sold through retail stores but are also increasingly sold online via the internet. This makes packaging more and more demanding, and strong and durable boxes are needed better to protect the candles from damage over long distances.
    Our candle boxes are available in smaller sizes of 60mm (Length) x 60mm (Width) x 80mm (Height) and larger sizes of 120mm (Length) x 120mm (Width) x 250mm (Height). A wide variety of candle boxes are available to accommodate different sizes and types of candles.

    Do you need a custom printed candle box? We are happy to advise on printing. With attractive volume discounts, you will find the correct package for your brand. Custom candle boxes are available in various folding, rigid and tube boxes in different materials, colours and processes. Finishes include glossy paper, matte paper and textured paper. A solution for beautiful gift packaging is sure to be found at Karle Packaging. We also offer a large assortment of gift bags, and natural calico bags for candle wrapping are also a good choice.

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    What our customers say
    8 reviews
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I loved these Magnetic Lid Gift Boxes, I got them quickly, the assorted sizes were great, the small size wasn't too small and the extra-large was sufficient enough. The boxes were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. They came in a variety of colors and forms with different ribbons that could be pushed through to tape down on packages or tie around box handles.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I ordered Christmas bags with mixed designs in advance so I could get my Christmas presents ready before we left for the countryside. I'm now prepared to take advantage of every season up until Christmas. Great durable bags, by the way. I appreciate you making them accessible at this point in the season. Made life easy for me
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I run a small craft company from home. I bought these to have a more polished appearance than a typical supermarket bag. For the price, these are decent quality and a fair size. I can use different stamps for seasonal products because I stamped the sides. I recommend these kraft paper bags!
    • WENDY
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      These organza bags are fantastic! They are made of a soft material and such a lovely hue. These bags are great since they can be used for so many different things. I use them to store crystals, herbs, extra tea, wine bottles, seashells, and little trinkets. These assist me in saving space and staying organized.
    • MAREE
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      My order of small and large calico drawstring bags just arrived, and I am quite happy with them. The ideal sizes to offer my things in and a high-quality item at such reasonable pricing. My item was delivered to the NSW outback in only 3 days. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I bought these plastic bags for my small clothing shop. The quality is great, and it's a good size. I will be getting more of them because they are thick and strong and exactly what I wanted for my customers.