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Gift Boxes with Magnetic Lid

Shop our selection of gift boxes with magnetic lids. These stylish and practical boxes are perfect for presenting your gifts in a beautiful and secure way!

    Wrap your Gifts in our Beautiful Magnetic Lid Gift Boxes

    Any packaging can be made much easier with magnetic closure boxes. With one quick move, the magnetic boxes open and close, giving your product an elegant look.
    The first part of this simple but impressive idea is to use a rigid wood stock or a cardboard box with a magnetic closure. Well the second step is to put two flat magnet plates inside the front divider of the box. As you move the flap to close the box, the magnets pull against each other and securely close the top.
    • Buy best quality of magnetic gift boxes from us

    Printed magnetic gift boxes have a high-end feel that can't be denied. Karle Packaging's talented in-house design team can help you reach your goals if you want to present your products in style with high-end packaging.
    We make our high-end gift boxes out of hardboard, which lasts a long time and wraps them in high-quality paper with your artwork or a custom design. The final touch is a magnetic closure that snaps into place to keep the things inside safe.
    • Gifts, electronics, jewelry, and sweets are easy to wrap in high-end packaging

    Magnetic seal gift boxes are the best way to package fragile items like electronics, old wine bottles, and porcelain, as well as luxury gifts like jewelry, perfume, and sweets. They are strong and useful but don't sacrifice style or design.
    • What makes us different from others?

    Custom-printed magnetic seal boxes are great for sales, retail, promotions, and launching new products. They can be made in any shape or size and are made to order.
    Thus, they are high-end packaging for jewelry, tech accessories, giftware, and luxury giveaways. They can be fully customized with embossing, debossing, hot foil, spot UV, and luxury ribbon finishes.
           • Made by hand
           • Low minimum order
           • Quick turnaround
           • Shipped all over the world
    • Place your orders from our vast collection of boxes

    Magnetic gift boxes are great for corporate gifts and make beautiful gift baskets for self-care. They are a popular choice for wedding keepsakes and give luxury marketing giveaways and promotional items an instant boost in value.
    Get in touch with Karle Packaging today to make a great collection of personalized magnetic gift boxes for your business. We'll help you convey your message and show your products in style.