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Tissue Paper Wholesale - Acid Free Tissue Paper

Check out our unique tissue paper variety. You can buy acid free and colored tissue papers from our shop.



     The little things are the most important. You've probably heard this advice said in various contexts, such as when discussing parenting, giving gifts, being a good guest, etc. How about the packaging?
    So, here are some facts proven by research: When you use tissue paper in your packaging, your customers will have a much better experience. If you've never been to a store in person, the only way to get to know a brand is to unbox a product you purchased online. And a simple piece of tissue paper can transform a dull conversation into a joyful one.
    Excellent customer service increases brand loyalty and awareness. Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely effective, and you can use it to increase sales and grow your business by selecting suitable packaging.
    All from a scrap of tissue paper wholesale, you've got it. Simple, but effective!

    Is tissue paper recyclable?

    This is another major concern for many modern eCommerce companies. Thus, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to businesses and customers (which is fantastic!).
    It is extremely important for the planet's future. But environmentally friendly packaging can also help build on the positive marketing effects.
    Many of your customers are becoming increasingly conscious of living environmentally friendly and keeping trash out of landfills. If you make your packaging more environmentally friendly, your customers will notice.
    In short, tissue paper acid free is recyclable and biodegradable. And this aspect makes it a more environmentally friendly option for packaging filler than air pillows or Styrofoam.
    It can be available as filler instead of plastic and to wrap things like clothes, creating a beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly package.

    Benefits of investing in tissue paper packaging

    Most brands need to be aware of the importance of custom tissue paper in packaging. On the other hand, Tissue paper is a type of packaging that meets many needs because it is high quality, useful, and environmentally friendly. The range of tissue paper packaging is superior in numerous ways, such as:

       1. Tissue paper offers scratch, dirt, and dust protection

    If you own a jewelry store or a store that sells fragile items, you understand the value of tissue paper. Delicate items, such as jewelry, require special packaging to remain as gleaming as the day they were purchased. Putting fragile items in a box lined with tissue paper protects them from scratches.
    As a result, we recommend you use printed tissue paper to maintain the high quality of what you provide to customers.
    One of the most important functions of tissue paper bulk is to keep dirt and dust at bay. Even if the items are left on the shelf for an extended period, dirt and dust will not adhere to them if they are wrapped in tissue paper.

       2. Simple wrapping and handling

    Because tissue papers are thin and light, they are ideal for wrapping items. Tissue papers are small and light, making them easy to transport and store. It also requires less time to package and adds no weight to your product.
    As a result, tissue papers are an excellent way to create sophisticated packaging with minimal effort and time.

       3. Affordable to invest in

    One advantage of tissue paper for packaging is that they are inexpensive. A company's costs and expenses reveal how well it performs. You make more money when you cut costs. Tissue paper is one of the most inexpensive packing materials available.
    So, if you want to improve the quality of your company's products, use plain, printed, and colourful custom tissue papers in a wide range of your packages.

    4. Brand recognition

    Customization has reached its top level. Businesses use custom-printed packaging to spread the word about their products and raise brand awareness.
    When hundreds of people buy your custom-made goods, you stand out. Customized packages demonstrate where your brand is.

    Why should you use acid-resistant tissue paper?

    "Acid-free" paper has a pH of at least 7.0, indicating that it is alkaline. This paper is available with fewer chemicals, making it a better environmental choice.
    Using acid-free tissue paper in your packaging is a good idea because it protects your items and won't leave stains on them. Thus, it also limits the amount of metal it can contain. And it cannot use optical brighteners, which give the paper its clean white appearance.

    Is it true that all tissue paper is acid-free?

    No, paper can be acid-free or acid-containing. Different types of paper are available for different purposes, so it's critical to determine which type is best for the product you're packing.
    Tissue paper is still commonly available for wrapping and presenting items. It is suitable for less fragile packages and tasks such as filling gift bags.

    Where can I get acid-free tissue paper?

    Acid-free tissue paper packaging is available for purchase from Karlepackaging. It safeguards items that are available specifically with food or drinks. It's also useful for moving dishes, silverware, and glasses.
    It's ideal for displaying other delicate items, such as jewelry and brassware. To see what's available, click here.


    Bulk Tissue Paper - Excellent Prices and Fast Delivery!

    • Acid-free white tissue paper in packs of  480 sheets. Two sizes available: 750mmx500mm / 660mmx400mm 
    • We coloured tissue paper in reams of 480 sheets. Our tissue paper has measurements of 500mm x 750mm. 
    • Our range of coloured tissue paper comes in a mixed pack of 6 popular colours, 80 sheets x 6. Tissue paper has measurements of 500mm x 750mm. 
    Create your work of art using this tissue paper. Great for handmade cards, posters, and other projects, this tissue paper makes it easy to blend the bright hues.
    Can use tissue paper to make paper flowers, wrap presents, wrap crockery to cushion it for moving, and wrap clothes at boutique stores. We ship Australia-wide.
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