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Organza Gift Bags

Extra large organza bags 350mmx500mm;Small Organza Bags 70mmx90mm. Plain organza bags are available in 22 colors, each in 11 sizes.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What colours do your plain organza bags carry?

    • What sizes do your organza bags carry? 

    We stock organza bags in the following sizes:

    Since these bags are handmade, there may be a 0.5-1cm error in length and width.
    Outside Size Inside Size
    70mmX90mm 70mmX70mm 
    90mmX120mm  90mmX100mm
    100mmX150mm 100mmX125mm 
    110mmX160mm 110mmX135mm
    130mmX180mm 130mmX155mm 
    150mmX200mm 150mmX175mm 
    170mmX230mm 170mmX205mm
    200mmX300mm 200mmX270mm
    250mmX350mm 250mmX305mm
    300mmX400mm 300mmX350mm

    Extra large organza bags 350mmx500mm 
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