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Stand Up Pouches - Wholesale Australia

Stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and Karle Packaging offers customers a wide range of stand up pouches, coffee bags and resealable food bags.


    Get your Favorite Kraft stand-up pouches Australia in Bulk from us

     The ability to heat-seal Kraft stand-up pouches Australia is perfect for storing and displaying your items while retaining moisture.
    Need a personalized item? No matter what you're looking for, Karlepackaging can manufacture it, whether it's a larger size, a window of a specific shape, or a printed kraft package. One of the most popular types of bespoke packaging we produce is kraft bags.

    • Stand up Kraft Pouches in best quality available for you

    Natural and organic in appearance, our kraft stand-up pouches and flat bags include the same barrier protection for which we are known.
    Our bags are heat-sealable and feature a film or foil lining. This lining makes them food-safe provides a robust barrier to maintain product freshness for longer, and prevents leakage.
    We stock many kraft pouches with resealable zippers and see-through windows for many uses. This boosts their marketability and popularity.
    Additionally, we stock flat kraft bags that don't have zippers and don't have any structure. Our standard kraft bags, including these, can be written on, making them ideal for flat packaging objects.

    • Karlepackaging uses a lot of foil-lined Kraft bags, but why?

    The inside of food-grade Kraft stand-up pouches Australia must be completely food-safe. This barrier prevents grease or moisture from the food from seeping through the bag and damaging the delicate kraft paper.
    Frequently, a foil lining is placed between the outer kraft layer and the inside food-safe layer of a bag for added security. Because the foil is more effective than air at blocking oxygen's corrosive effects, products have a longer useful life.
    You can even customize the bag according to your own wishes by letting us know what your main requirements are. We will make it happen for you without any hassle.

    • Do we offer Kraft bags printed with your company's logo?

    Yes! Karlepackaging has numerous samples of innovative uses of a kraft background for custom-printed bags. Customers that create or sell products like beef jerky and medical cannabis have used custom-printed kraft bags to give their packaging a premium, earthy look.
    Contact us immediately to discuss your idea and request our previous work samples.

    • We manufacture bags with durable materials to last for a long time

    Our kraft pouches are durable and roomy since they are manufactured using premium materials. The kraft pouch can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Many of these items also have lovely floral designs that can be stamped with a company's logo.
    You can find Kraft stand-up pouches Australia in a wide range of sizes, with or without handles. Many of these items also feature attractive and well-made cables that make them convenient to transport.
    They're useful for many people, including party hosts, store owners, and party guests preparing thank-you gifts. Kraft pouches with snappy slogans printed are another way to express one's interests, tastes, or support for a cause.


    Karle Packaging Australia's Leading Stand Up Pouches Supplier

    Are you looking for a stand up pouch? As Australia's leading wholesaler of packaging, Karle Packaging gives you the easiest way to order resealable food bags online. Our stand up pouches are available at very competitive prices.

    Our stand up pouches are laminated and made from multiple layers of kraft paper, plastic, foil, and other materials with a resealable zipper, a tear opening, a sealable heat top, and a vent valve with or without. Enables your products to have a long shelf life. Ensure safe, leak-proof storage and transportation of the product.

    Want your brand to stand out? View custom stand up bags. You can customise stand-up pouches according to your needs. Please email [email protected] to get in touch with our dedicated team.

    What our customers say
    8 reviews
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I loved these Magnetic Lid Gift Boxes, I got them quickly, the assorted sizes were great, the small size wasn't too small and the extra-large was sufficient enough. The boxes were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. They came in a variety of colors and forms with different ribbons that could be pushed through to tape down on packages or tie around box handles.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I ordered Christmas bags with mixed designs in advance so I could get my Christmas presents ready before we left for the countryside. I'm now prepared to take advantage of every season up until Christmas. Great durable bags, by the way. I appreciate you making them accessible at this point in the season. Made life easy for me
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I run a small craft company from home. I bought these to have a more polished appearance than a typical supermarket bag. For the price, these are decent quality and a fair size. I can use different stamps for seasonal products because I stamped the sides. I recommend these kraft paper bags!
    • WENDY
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      These organza bags are fantastic! They are made of a soft material and such a lovely hue. These bags are great since they can be used for so many different things. I use them to store crystals, herbs, extra tea, wine bottles, seashells, and little trinkets. These assist me in saving space and staying organized.
    • MAREE
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      My order of small and large calico drawstring bags just arrived, and I am quite happy with them. The ideal sizes to offer my things in and a high-quality item at such reasonable pricing. My item was delivered to the NSW outback in only 3 days. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I bought these plastic bags for my small clothing shop. The quality is great, and it's a good size. I will be getting more of them because they are thick and strong and exactly what I wanted for my customers.