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Plastic Bags Wholesale

Plastic bags are present in our life anytime and anywhere. Can use these low-priced, high-quality plastic bags in any scene. Heavy-duty plastic bags can also be reused, which is in line with the plastic bag ban in Australia. Plastic bags are generally made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene, and most of these bags are FDA and USDA compliant. Wholesale all kinds of plastic bags at Karle Packaging. Fast delivery Australia Wide! Get bulk discounts on bulk purchases!


    Plastic Bags in bulk: Best Solution for Storing and Moving Things Easily

    Plastic bags are an important part of moving and storing things. They come in different sizes and shapes, and their main purpose is to meet the storage needs of consumers.
    Wholesale clear plastic packaging bags are becoming increasingly popular, especially among people who sell small items like spices, medicines, or foods.
    Even though clear plastic packaging bags aren't completely airtight, they greatly reduce the air that gets in. This helps keep foods or medicines fresh for longer and prevents harmful effects like food poisoning.

    • We sell the best plastic bags in different styles & materials

    Karle Packaging is the best place to get wholesale plastic bags and film when you need high-quality stock plastic and poly bags.
    There are a lot of different styles, materials, and sizes of stock/standard plastic bags in our stock. We can also make things to order, like printing, sizing, and colors.
    Karle Packaging makes plastic poly bags and film for all industries and uses that are good enough for wholesale and commercial use. Our plastic bags, tubing, and film, which we sell in bulk, are perfect for all your protective packaging needs.

    • Benefits of investing in high-quality plastic bags

    1. You can easily put your store's name, logo, and other information on plastic bags if you own a store or supermarket. And it's good that making changes to the design is easy.
    2. A plastic bag will only cost you 25 cents, which is a lot less than a piece of a paper bag, which will cost you 5 cents or more. Cloth bags that can be used more than once cost a few dollars. Buying a lot of plastic bags will help your small business make more money.
    3. Plastic bags are easier to open, pack, and fold in half, which saves you a few seconds. Because of this, many busy cashiers use them to keep lines moving quickly. Also, in storage and at the cash register, plastic bags take up less space than paper bags. Compared to plastic bags, reusable cloth bags take up a lot more space and weigh a lot more.
    4. The process of making a plastic bag uses less energy, and it also makes less solid waste. A plastic bag takes up to 40% less energy than a paper bag and makes 70% less solid waste.
    5. Plastic bags are known for being strong and resistant to the weather. They are harder to tear and can stand up to many chemicals. When it comes to keeping the things inside dry and safe from rain or water, plastic bags are better than paper or cloth bags.
    • Giving Plastic bags in bulk for all business at low cost

    Whether you need to package, ship, or store something, our company is the best place to get plastic and poly bags and film in bulk for any business. Our stock has many different styles, materials, thicknesses, and sizes of plastic bags.
    You can choose from a wide range of options already in stock or make a custom solution to meet your specific needs.
    Karle Packaging makes wholesale and commercial-grade plastic poly bags and film for all industries and uses. This includes FDA-approved food-safe bags, retail bags with custom prints, stretch film, pallet covers, and more. Let us help you find the perfect protective packaging for your needs.


    Bulk Plastic Bags

    A household essential, our resealable plastic bags are great for storing nuts, small cookies, and small toys. These plastic bags to keep out moisture and dust and close and open. 
    Our bulk plastic ice bags are also a must for your party. You can use it for indoor/outdoor events, hosting parties, fishing businesses, beach parties, etc. This bulk pack gives you enough bags for many uses.
    Our plastic bags with die-cut handles are brightly coloured, sturdy and reusable if you run a retail or clothing store. They are great value for money and will surely satisfy your customers. These plastic bags add coloured tissue paper to be used as gift packaging.

    Custom Plastic Bags

    Depending on your needs, we can produce custom plastic bags in various sizes, thicknesses and colours. Contact us at (02) 8006 1190 and share your packaging goals to order wholesale plastic bags today.