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Grease Resistant Paper Bags

Keep your food fresh and mess-free with our durable and eco-friendly grease-resistant paper bags. Perfect for restaurants, takeout, and food delivery. Order now!


    Superior Collection of Best Paper Food Bags at Karle Packaging

    Karle Packaging is the premier supplier of food paper bags for industrial and food settings. We provide a wide choice of food paper bags that may be tailored to fit any business. Because of our reputation for innovation, we are the go-to source for many different businesses, including grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.

    Compostable bags, reusable bags, bags with handles, bags safe for contact with food, and bags produced from recycled materials are some options available. Most essential, the staff at Karle Packaging is qualified to determine which type of paper bag will best serve your purposes.

    We will assist you in reaching and maintaining your goals, regardless of what they may be. Learn more about the most typical uses for our paper bag services. Get in touch with us, and we'll determine how best to meet your requirements.

    • Why is using paper bags beneficial in food businesses?

    Paper bags are harmless and eco-friendly. First, paper bags are safer than plastic bags because they are not poisonous. This implies that, unlike plastic bags, paper bags are not manufactured with chemicals that are dangerous for your health. Then, food can be stored in paper bags without worry.

    There are many ways in which paper bags benefit the natural world. Since they're manufactured entirely out of biodegradable components, they decompose far more rapidly than conventional plastic bags. Due to this, they rapidly decompose into plant and tree food. Paper bags won't hurt marine life if they end up in the ocean.

    And finally, paper bags can be reused and recycled. If your consumers take the paper bags you provided them with home, they can use them to store other products when they get a chance. If you run a business, you can recycle used paper bags by placing garbage and recyclables in separate bags.

    • High quality of food bags for storing Bread and pastry

    Our carefully designed bread bags are the finest method to store, protect, and prolong the freshness of bread and pastries. Since there is no such thing as a universally suitable bread bag, we have a wide variety of sizes and designs.

    If you need packaging services, go as far as Karle Packaging. Large loaves, baguettes, cookies, and other baked goods can all be packaged in one of their many options.

    You can get bespoke bags made with your bakery's brand or window bags to display your baked goods. To top it all off, we use biodegradable and post-consumer paper to make a majority of our food bags!

    1. Bakery bags can be customized with a clear plastic window to showcase your wares and a unique pattern.
    2. Pick from a palette of up to four hues.
    3.   If you own a bakery, you should choose recyclable, eco-friendly designs.
    • Get in touch with us to place large order

    Simple searches on the internet or over the phone will lead you to the greatest bag available. Karle Packaging has one of the widest options of bakery and pastry food bags for restaurants and cafes. We have a staff of packaging professionals who can advise you on the most effective and cost-efficient bag solutions.

    Contact us now!

    • Grease Resistant Paper food Bags-Flat bottom

    Our food bags is perfect to use for baked treats to fried snacks like chicken wings, fries, potato wedges. Its grease resistance holds food very well without worrying about oil and stains running through.
    Trusted unbleached, chlorine-free construction for commercial and home use. Excellent plastic alternative as it is durable and doesn't tear easily. 
    What our customers say
    8 reviews
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I loved these Magnetic Lid Gift Boxes, I got them quickly, the assorted sizes were great, the small size wasn't too small and the extra-large was sufficient enough. The boxes were more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. They came in a variety of colors and forms with different ribbons that could be pushed through to tape down on packages or tie around box handles.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I ordered Christmas bags with mixed designs in advance so I could get my Christmas presents ready before we left for the countryside. I'm now prepared to take advantage of every season up until Christmas. Great durable bags, by the way. I appreciate you making them accessible at this point in the season. Made life easy for me
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I run a small craft company from home. I bought these to have a more polished appearance than a typical supermarket bag. For the price, these are decent quality and a fair size. I can use different stamps for seasonal products because I stamped the sides. I recommend these kraft paper bags!
    • WENDY
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      These organza bags are fantastic! They are made of a soft material and such a lovely hue. These bags are great since they can be used for so many different things. I use them to store crystals, herbs, extra tea, wine bottles, seashells, and little trinkets. These assist me in saving space and staying organized.
    • MAREE
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      My order of small and large calico drawstring bags just arrived, and I am quite happy with them. The ideal sizes to offer my things in and a high-quality item at such reasonable pricing. My item was delivered to the NSW outback in only 3 days. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again.
      Posted on
      3 months ago
      I bought these plastic bags for my small clothing shop. The quality is great, and it's a good size. I will be getting more of them because they are thick and strong and exactly what I wanted for my customers.